Rubber Car Stopper

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Technical Specifications

  • 620 X 120 X 100 mm : 4 kg +/- 0.02
  • 1830 X 150 X 100 mm :15 kg +/- 0,02

Product Specifications

  • Produced by impact and abrasion resistant material of rubber and PVC.
  • Night vision is provided with highly reflective colored tapes
  • UV stabilized to increase durability.
  • Speciality of flexible material in it provides to your car can park safely
  • It’s also named as barrier stopper.
  • Application areas are closed and open parking lot, in front of the shopping malls and entrance of the
  • Produced by rubber raw material and doesn’t damage to the vehicle’s tyres.
  • Resistance to the natural weather conditions.
  • Different dimensions are available.
  • ISO 9001 2015-CE