Rubber Speed Bump 600x500x45 mm with Reflector

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Technical Specifications

  • Width: 600mm Wheel passing
  • Lenght: 500 mm
  • High (h) 450 mm
  • Weight End Cap: 4.20 kg. (+- tolerance 0.30 kg.)
  • Weight Main Body: 9.60 kg. (+- tolerance 0.30 kg.)
  • Strenght: shore A 80+5
  • Density: ASTM D 1056 kg/m 1,55
  • Breaking Strenght: ASTM D 412 kg/N
  • Elongation: ASTM D 412 % MAK. 210
  • Working Strenght is made of rubber based material in accordance with its conditions of between
  • -30 C° to +70 C° .4 pieces of end caps are totally 1000mm.
  • It is fixed with screws, bolt and dowel to the ground.
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12 pieces of m10x100 triphone screws are used in 1 meter.

Products Specifications

  • Produced by impact and abrasion resistant material.
  • Does not cause any damage to the vehicles with its aerodynamic design.
  • It does not move from the installed ground due to its homogeneous
    fixing feature.
  • Producing by rubber material its provides a more flexible slowdown.
  • Colours are black yellow which in use traffic.
  • It is used to reduce vehicle’s speed in front of schools and any places where the entrances and exits should be
    controlled crossing.
  • Natural yellow rubber is placed on the black main body in one piece. This method provides long use lasting.
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Rubber speed ramps has interlocking system which provides strenght and dresistance of breaking and abrasion.
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  • Produced in accordance with the weather conditions between -20 to +60)
  • Used raw materials provide impact resistance.
  • Does not harm to the pedestrion and vehicles due to speciality of the flexibility.
  • Retro-reflectors are installed on the delinator post for high visibility.
  • Delinator posts can be used with warning sign and warning flasher
  • Available delinator posts sizes are 300/40014501750/1000 mm.